Earth Claim Corporation

Three years in the making, Earth Claim is Binoid Solution's venture into the virtual world, Google Mashups, Web 2.0 technology and high availability clustering. Earth Claim Registries allow people to explore, buy and sell real estate on Terra Duorum (latin for Earth Twin) in a parallel universe.

If you missed the 1893 Land Rush in Oklahoma, USA; the recent land rush on Earth @ $200K per acre; the land rush for Lunar real estate @ $90 per acre; or the virtual land rush on Second Life, then don't miss out on this virtual land rush on Earth 2 (Terra Duorum) @ $25 per parcel.

Buy, sell, trade or give this unique certificate as a gift to family, friends or colleagues or keep as an investment.


Fractal Reality

Coming Soon!

Fractal Reality is an IT Supply Chain Portal for organizations.

Fractal Reality's eBusiness SCM Portal empowers IT procurement for organizations who needs timely access to manufacturer's products in real time.

The entire IT Distribution supply chain from manufacturers to consumers has become a fully integrated, end-to-end online networked community of sellers and buyers. Organizations can now focus on core strategic business issues rather than on manual IT procurement processes.


Assessing Resiliency

Assessing Resiliency is an innovative online web site that supports a strength-based approach to assessing and evaluating those protective factors or development strengths in children, youth and adults that research has clearly identified as being essential for navigating the critical developmental challenges and milestones in becoming healthy adults.

Assessing Resiliency is a partnership between Resiliency Initiatives Inc, Impact Society and Binoid Solutions Corporation. It's one of our most satisfying projects as our efforts will have significant impact assisting non-profit and profitable organizations in developing the adults of tomorrow. Our solutions will improve productivity 240,000% and hopefully the number of people helped using these tools will grow from a few thousand in 2007 to a million people per year by 2009.


Medical Billing

Coming Soon!

Medical Billing is an intuitive, multi-platform solution for the medical industry. It will operate on mobile devices, Palm, Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Apple OS/X and Linux platforms.

Our objective is to reduce billing costs by 90% as well as significantly improve productivity.


Reverse Auction and Procurement Portal

Coming Soon!

Reverse Auction and Procurement Portal is a partnership between Dynamera Inc. and Energy Associates International.


Business ToolKit

Coming Soon!

Business Toolkit is a collection of free as well as service based tools that every business requires to grow. Tools completed and to be released soon includes:

  • Binoid Works
  • Corporate Seal
  • Referral Kit

Planned tools for release will include:

  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Registrations
  • Events
  • Subscriptions / Unsubscriptions

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