Earth Claim

The new land rush into the virtual world, Earth 2, starts December 18th, 2007! On Earth 2, you can buy 2.2 kilometre square tracks of land for $25 and you can subdivide, develop and flip as you would in the real world.

On May 4th, 1626, Indians sold Manhattan Island for $24. Which laid the foundation of the City of New York. In 2005, Central Park (843 acres) was worth $528 Billion and Manhattan Island's 12,800 acres is estimated at $8 Trillion (not including buildings).

In 1893, the last US Land Rush in Oklahoma, gave out Free Land to any able bodied person wanting to stake a claim. The land parcels were 160 hectares each ... which is approximately 395 acres or 1.6 sq kms.

Second Life, an internet virtual world launched in 2003, now has 20 million members and is estimated to be worth $1 Billion.

On December 18th, 2007 ... Manhattan Island on Earth 2 sold out for $900 within the first hour.

Stake your claim now!

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